Strike Shoes :

A group that is exposed to the most current implementations of sneaker purchasing assistance available to the public.

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  • Restock Monitors

    Providing our users a variety of monitors to maintain and promote maximum success. monitors include but are not limited to: Supreme, Adidas, Mr. Porter, Naked CPH, Shopify, Funko, Snkrs, Avenue Store, OneBlockDown, HQ Trivia, Barneys, Sivas, various bot websites, Yeezy Supply, & many more.

  • 24/7 Slack Support

    Our slack support provides users with all resources required to take every release on with ease. All users are provided with integrated Slack Bots to create accounts, proxies, and receive market value updatesSitelists, Early Links, Bot Setup/Proxy Advice.

  • Tools

    Giving our members the most up to date guides, exclusive group buys with the most coveted bots, resell predictions, large discounts at requested providers for proxies, Nike+ accounts, bots, & an Adidas cart portal! also providing users with a safe marketplace to increase sales and safety in sales.


What is Strike Shoes ?

Strike Shoes is a resource to exponentially increase your knowledge & tools to purchasing limited items with everything from Sneakers to Streetwear to ANY items we see as a potential money maker.

What do we provide?

We give our users access to the Slack with SNKRS Monitor + Early Info, Shopify Web pages, Adidas Monitors, SivasDescalzo Monitor, Funko Monitor, HQ Support, Barneys Monitor, Guides, Early Links, Variants, Resell Advice & More.

How do I join?

As Strike is really limited we are usually sold out. Though stay tuned to our twitter @StrikeShoesHQ for any updates.

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